Fortnite to Get Built-in Replay Editor ‘Soon’: Epic Games

Fortnite to Get Built-in Replay Editor 'Soon': Epic Games


Epic Games revealed a Fortnite replay editor that would be coming to the popular shooter. This would allow players to rewatch their matches and stitch together videos to share with friends. No firm release date for the Fortnite Replay System has been set yet other than Epic Games claiming it will come to Fortnite “soon”. With this new replay editor, players can modify UI elements, customise camera options, and clip together moments for sharing. Right now the Fortnite Replay System will be limited to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There’s no confirmation from Epic if it would be coming to iOS anytime soon. Though chances are, considering the company’s staunch adherence to feature parity across devices, this replay editor would make it to iOS and eventually Fortnite Android.

Previously it was revealed that Fortnite iOS launch revenue hit $1.5 million in its first four days. Compared to competing titles in the battle royale space, Fortnite has earned more than NetEase’s Knives Out and Rules of Survival by a factor of more than 25 in its first four days, compared to the same period after both those titles began monetising. In addition to this, it appears to be punching above its weight when compared to other giant mobile game hits of recent years.

“Fortnite’s revenue is also impressive when put into perspective against some of the largest mobile game launches from the past two years. Purely based on cosmetic IAP, it has managed to gross about one third as much as both Pokémon GO ($4.9 million) and Clash Royale ($4.6 million) made in their first four days of availability on iOS,” wrote SensorTower’s Head of Mobile Insights Randy Nelson.