How to Make Your Rummy Club at Home?

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Most rummy enthusiasts today miss the gaiety of rummy clubs of the bygone era. If you are an avid lover of rummy card game and wish to bring back the good old times, you still can do that. All you need to do is plan well in advance, include the right people and make sure there are happening events that keep the members interested. Here we have listed out a few step by step tips to help you organise a rummy club at your home:

The Décor

When you organise a rummy club at home, the chances are most people won’t take it very seriously. That is why you need to create the right ambience and feel for a rummy club. The décor counts as one of the first things that count here. You need to be wise with your selection of the décor.

  • Choose a good centre table for playing
  • Select the right card player accessories
  • Choose apt lighting
  • Pick a seating arrangement of proper height

The Members

A rummy club is impossible without enthusiastic members who stay active and enjoy Indian rummy just as you do. When you plan to organise a rummy club at your home, make it a point to list out rummy enthusiasts in your circles. Once this list is prepared, you can move on to the next step.

The Agenda

Just playing rummy won’t keep people interested in the club for long. That is why you need to make an agenda of rummy tournaments, rummy quizzes and other rummy related activities that people may enjoy. Make room for good food and drinks during breaks. Most people need yummy food to be coupled with the agenda if they must really enjoy.

The Invitations

These days, there are many ways to send invitations for such tournaments, events and meets. It is for you to choose the best way to invite based on the habits of the members you invite. Here are some simple suggestions to send invites:

  • Handmade Designer Invitation Cards: These are best if you have a circle of rummy players who are not yet accustomed to the internet. You may prepare the cards in an artistic fashion to give it a personal appeal.
  • WhatsApp Customised Invitation Cards: If you have friends who are mostly active on WhatsApp, you may choose this option.
  • Phone Invite: You may also ring up the concerned member and inform regarding the event.
  • Facebook Invite: If you have Facebook friends who would enjoy being a part of the event, go for this option.

The Dress Code

If you wish to give your rummy club a feel and look of seriousness, you may choose a dress code for the club. It needs to still be informal so that people enjoy the dress code. You may have a badge or common accessory for all players. Some clubs choose wrist bands or even t-shirts with a name of the club. It is for you to decide what goes best and makes members feel comfortable.

Launch Events

Once you have planned the agenda and invited people, check the response. In fact, you may ask for confirmation of presence from each of the invited members a few days before the party. This will help you make food and drinks arrangements based on the headcount and thus avoid food wastage.

It would be a great idea to keep prize money for the winners of the tournaments. This will surely attract more participants into the event.

Once the event ends, take written feedback from each member regarding food, drinks, ambience, lighting and other aspects of the event. This will help you understand how to improve the event next time.