Get a Clean and Professional Prototype Through Improved Fabrication Methods

Never settle for fabrication of a prototype that looks as if it were thrown together with little or no thought. Metal fabrication technology has advanced to the point that every project should end up with professional, clean results.

Technology and Fabrication Improvements

The field of metal fabrication has undergone many changes over recent years. Tools are mostly operated using computer software, providing a more consistent result. It takes human error in measurements and tool control out of the picture. You can have a finished prototype made that looks the exact way it should be before heading to market.

Laser Cutting Accuracy

Laser cutting technology is one of the advances that’s had a tremendous impact on all types of fabrication projects, including your finished prototype. Laser accurate measurement and cutting with precision cutting tools provide a finished product that is perfect, by any standard. Any moving parts will move better and fitted areas will fit better.

Pre-Planning and Design Improvement

You can provide your draft plans and drawings and have the current design improved for better use and function with professional CAD programs. Pre-planning of your prototype will help guarantee a better result. Find any design flaws early, before it cost you in fabrication time and expense.

Clean and Professional Finish

Will your prototype need a professional finish? Choose from finishes like powder coating or galvanizing. A better finish ensure your prototype lasts longer and it gives you a better idea of what your item will look like in a true finished state. You may find that another type of finish would work better when you begin production.

If you’re wondering about metal fabrication near me Portland OR residents trust get their prototype projects done right the first time, you can rest easy. You are closer than you know to the most technologically advanced metal fabrication services available.