Liquid clear coating for metal aircraft parts

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In the aircraft industry, aluminum and magnesium parts are common. They are preferred due to their light weight and a strong strength to weight ratio. But these materials are also subject to corrosion. A corroded metal part on an airplane is not only a safety hazard but are expensive to repair and replace.

To prolong the life of these parts, manufacturers and aircraft owners seek coatings to repel corrosive substances such as jet fuel, water and salt. But the right coating must have chemical properties sufficient to withstand a number of elements common to the industry and nature of flight:

• The coating must be light weight to avoid overburdening the aircraft;
• It must be both heat and cold resistant. Heat on an aircraft can build up easily when it is traveling several hundred miles per hour. Temperatures of -50 F and lower are common in the upper atmosphere;
• The coating must provide a sufficient friction coefficient. A slippery coating serves a dual purpose. It provides less air resistance, allowing the aircraft to be more fuel efficient. It also prevents heat build up due to friction;
• The coating must protect against oxidation due to things such as salt sprays, deicing chemicals, kerosene used in fuels and salt air.

Many manufacturers and owners are now using a polymer compound, commonly referred to as liquid nylon for the coating of choice. Applied as a liquid it is a clear metal protective coating that meets the requirements of aircraft design specifications.

Because it is applied as a liquid, it does not produce seams and creates a uniform layer of protection. It can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees F and as low as -70 degrees F. It can be applied directly to nearly every surface, including treated and untreated aluminum, stainless steel, zinc and fiberglass. It provides excellent adhesion properties. It contains a shelf life of half a year after the container is opened, allowing it to be used for multiple tasks on an as needed basis. It also provides good impact resistance properties.