Troubleshooting Tips For Air Motors

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If an air motor is having problems, such as starting up or even any other problems, there are some do it yourself steps that you can take before having professionals take a look at it. Here are the top expert-recommended tips for troubleshooting your air motor.

1. Check to see if the motor is appropriate for what you are trying to use it for. Air motors are not meant to be used constantly, under 24-hour duration. There are other motors which are far more suitable for those purposes. Air motors are better suited for interrupted cycles or for regularly-scheduled cycles.

2. There are usually two types of air motors. Basic motors are best suited to operate in dry or standard production environs. There are advanced motors which are built with sealed housings that are meant for use in harsh environments or for those worksites which are subject to steamy environments.

3. Check to see how often the air motor was subject to maintenance. The maintenance schedule will completely depend on what type of air motor it is. Some maintenance can be performed by buying a gast air motor rebuild kit if the previous schedule was not adhered to as frequently as it should have been.

4. Make sure that the quality of the air that the air motor is operating in is of the highest-quality possible. If the air is dirty or the rain is acrid, the motor may be needing far more frequent maintenance than an air motor which operates in a clean air environment.

As you can see, it is not that hard to troubleshoot an air motor which is not operating at peak level. It basically all boils down to keeping up on the schedule of maintenace that is determined by the manufacturer of the motor itself.